Discover music together.
A place to explore, discuss and share music with people.

Co-founded  /  Art direction  /  UX  /  UI
Baptiste Dumas
Clément Grellier
Estelle Martinez

Building a music recommendation system based on user participation and interactions.

On Broadn users can listen to music from Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, build playlists, create discussions and recommend content to the community by connecting tracks, artists and collections in discussions. Users bounce from content to content to discover new things.



Obsolete Manifesto Draft

— Written in 2012

“ As of today music services like Spotify, Rdio or Deezer have built their recommendation systems on algorithms. Online music services are not community-oriented, users are isolated, they can’t discuss and share sounds with each other. On Broadn users discuss, share and advise; our recommandations are brought by users, for users.

Broadn is also bringing new playlists that will enable users to illustrate and comment their music selection so that listeners can immerse themselves in cultures and atmospheres.

We are unable to build playlists with sounds from different services and switching from a service to another is annoying. Broadn gathers those tracks in one place. ”

Commodore Record Shop, August 1947. Photograph by William P. Gottlieb.

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