An interactive documentary on the missing soldiers of the First World War.

Concept + UI + Art direction (Desktop version only)
Author & Director: Olivier Lassu. Co-author: Maxime Chillemi
Production: Drôle de Trame, Narratio Films
Web development: Fuzzy Frequency

Accompany archaeologists
on the Western Front.

A hundred years ago in north-eastern France, the great empires and powers of the world converged to fight, deploying their armies.

For more than four years, from 1914 to 1918, ten million soldiers died along the Western Front. Though most of them were inhumed, 700 000 disappeared on the battlefronts, from all nationalities. Time has erased their trace.

This documentary explores the Western Front territory, accompanying archaeologists who intervene when farmers, builders or civilians stumble upon vestiges. Archaeologists exhume the remains and analyze them in order to identify the soldiers, and inform potential relatives.  

700000 is an immersive documentary that connects past and present. You are invited to roam the countryside, alongside today's vast landscapes, joining the INRAP archeologists (French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research).
In the course of your exploration, you'll participate in five major archaeological discoveries.

Along the investigations, stories start developing and personal stories emerge, revealing the daily life of the Great War. A new vision on the life and fate of those 700000 soldiers.

Two British soldiers run past the remains of two German soldiers toward a bunker. 

In coproduction with

Noël Genteur is an organic farmer and former mayor of the city of Craonne, at the east side of the Chemin des Dames.
Noël Genteur has dedicated his life to the transmission of the memory of the war.

Story progression

Along your investigations with the archaeologists, stories start developing and personal stories emerge, revealing the daily life of the soldiers of the Great War.

Earlier interface research

Terrain generation & concepts

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